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Your journey to wellbeing and recognition starts at The Rosemary Centre

We know you are probably experiencing a range of emotions, when it comes to the complexity of DVA claims, and you probably don’t even know where to start

Rest assured, at the Rosemary Centre we are in your corner. Our team has years of experience dealing with the DVA and caring for our veterans through the process of making a claim. We know many challenges can arise from dealing with the DVA, which is why our process makes us so unique, as we know how to navigate these situations.


Initial Claim Assessment

Your journey starts with an in-depth, compassionate assessment. Conducted comfortably via telehealth, this initial step involves a thorough understanding of your situation. We listen closely to your experiences and needs, laying the groundwork for a customised approach tailored just for you.


Diagnosis via Telehealth Consulting

Following your assessment, we proceed with a professional diagnosis. This critical step ensures that we capture all aspects of your health needs, forming the basis for a robust claim and a clear path to your mental wellbeing.


Establish the Report

With the insights from your diagnosis, we compile a comprehensive report. This document is meticulously crafted to reflect the specifics of your case, ensuring that every significant detail is captured to strengthen your claim.


Reporting and Preparation for Submission

We work closely with the team to make sure that all the necessary reporting has been done properly. We ensure that each piece of documentation is accurate, complete, and ready for submission. This step is pivotal in building a strong foundation for your claim.


Submitting to DVA

The final step involves submitting your well-prepared claim to the DVA. We remain engaged, offering support that includes health consultations and adjustments to your care plan.


We honour our beautiful Rosemary for her commitment during the time she served our country. Lest we forget.

1989 - 2017

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